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Don’t Take Any Chances with Malfunctioning Appliances

Our kitchen and bathroom appliances make life so much easier for all of us. However, there is only so much a manufacturer guarantee can cover, so if you want to protect your home against unexpected breakdowns you would need to take up a domestic appliance insurance.

Look for an insurance that also covers items that most other policies will not, such as built-in hoods and hobs, microwave ovens, range cookers, washer dryers, condenser dryers, and vacuum cleaners.

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Cooker and oven insurance

If you can’t turn your cooker on, or if your oven is not heating up, you may well have to eat raw vegetables for dinner or spend your money on takeaways. This type of inconvenience will not only ruin your dinner party plans, but also damage your personal finances.

With the right appliance cover, you can have your cooker and oven repaired in-home for both breakdowns and accidental damage. The insurance costs less per year than it would cost you to fix your cooker, not to mention replace it with a brand new one. For example, if your oven costs less than £200, you can have it insured for as little as £2 per month.

You should also try to get insurance for your cooker hood; should this essential appliance break down, you could end up with a kitchen full of smoke, so it’s best to prevent this.

Dishwasher cover

And if your cooker is working fine, your dishwasher may be leaking or won’t start; sometimes, you can hear the engine humming, but the machine still won’t start. If there is no sound and no lights, you may be dealing with a blown fuse or burnt wiring; other times the dishwasher just won’t drain, and the list can go on.

You should never attempt to fix any appliance yourself, firstly because electricity is dangerous and appliances can still give you a shock even after unplugging them.

Secondly, you won’t get any money for repairs that are not first approved by your insurer. After all, that’s why you took out cover in the first place, so let the professionals handle any breakdowns.