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Best Methods Used For House Construction

Constructing your own home is one of the dream list items of many people in Bromley. However, there are many things to be considered before initiating the construction of a house. These include the type of house, the materials to be used, and the number of laborers and equipment needed for the process. You can leave all this fuss upon home refurbishments in Bromley. But you must know about the various methods that can be used for the construction process.

Some of them are:

Stick Framing

The most traditional method for the construction of homes is the Stick Framing method. This method implies the workers to create a skeleton of the home using wood or other construction elements. The actual construction process begins when roof trusses, window frames, wall studs, and ceiling joints are installed. The entire structure is created in a step by step process.

Modular Homes

This method of construction also lies in the basic principle of stick framing but with a slight difference. The difference is that the construction is done off-site and in parts. This implies that different parts of the homes are built in factories in a controlled atmosphere and then brought to the site. Then the parts of the homes are joined on the site to build one complete home.

Light Gauge Steel

Light gauge steel is yet another method based upon stick framing with the only difference being the use of steel in place of wood. This construction method deploys the use of heavy material, money, men, and machinery and is therefore preferred for big buildings and commercial establishments.